Accommodation and full board (all inclusive) – for all events, for all participants, officials, visitors including additional days in case of earlier arrival and/or later departure:
Single accommodation – 45 EUR per day;
Double room accommodation – 35 EUR per day, per person32 EUR for categories W14/M1428 EUR for children 7-13 years old;
Apartment for three or more persons – 30 EUR per day, per person27 EUR for categories W14/M1425 EUR for children 7-13 years old;
Children up to 6 years old – free (if accompanied by two adults).

Starting fees:
IARU R1 / European ARDF Championships – 50 EUR per person per start;World Youth ARDF Championships – 30 EUR per person per start in classics and sprint20 EUR in foxoring;
Euro Cup – 10 EUR per person, per start.Transportation to the terrains and back for all events for competitors, officials, visitors – 5 EUR per person per day;Fee for officials participating in team leaders meetings, Working Group meetings etc., if not competitors – 50 EUR per person (once only per team).

Important: If all the costs and fees per competitor/team will be paid in packet, not later than 15 July 2021, starting fees will be reduced by 10%.
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